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Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council have managed their domestic waste and recycling operations through Collective since 2017

For Cardiff Council

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and the eleventh largest city in the UK. With a population of over 350,000 people it is also a major tourist destination, attracting over 20 million visitors annually.

The council uses Collective across its domestic waste and recycling service, covering regular collections of waste and recycling, plus ancillary services such as hygiene collections, bulky waste and bin deliveries and repairs.

Smart Bins

Cardiff have also invested in smart bin technology, with litter bins around the city communicating with Collective electronically to request emptying when required. Council workers send and receive real-time updates and can quickly confirm collections, report issues and carry out ad-hoc work.

Reducing Contamination

Contamination events reported by crews are automatically processed and lead to education and enforcement action to drive long-term improvement in the quality of recyclable materials collected.

Katherine Palmer of Cardiff Council described the integrated system to delegates at our 2019 user group (below).

500+ smart litter bins
40 in-cab terminals
27,000 contamination reports

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