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Dorset Council

Dorset Council have used Collective since 2018 and have extended the system to include commercial waste and bin weighing.

For Dorset Council

Dorset Council service a large rural county with 9 depots & 1 central customer contact centre. The old ways of working were proving inefficient, time consuming, open to error and were felt to be holding back the trade service from growing.

The contract with Dorset Council (formerly Dorset Waste Partnership) commenced in March 2018 and initially covered the supply of the Collective system to manage Dorset’s Garden Waste and Trade Waste operations.

The Solution

Matthew Boulter, Commercial Services Manager, states:

“Collective provided a solution to receiving real time collection information and presented an opportunity to remove manual processes through automation and integration with other council systems. We now have a fully integrated system which actively links and works with other council systems”

Matthew Boulter, Commercial Services Manager

The Result

There have been significant reductions in manual processes, including

Improved management information has allowed for targeted communications with residents, for example contamination reports lead to the resident being sent educational material.

Overall, the customer experience has improved with better information and facilities for requests and changes to be made 24/7.

90% automation of missed bins
£20k additional income from side waste
42% reduction of missed bins

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