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Swindon Borough Council choose Collective

40 refuse vehicles will be equipped with the latest technology to improve collections


Nov 11, 2021 • 23 sec read

Training dates for autumn 2021

Free update training for Collective R16 is available to book now

Bartec Webmaster

Aug 24, 2021 • 11 sec read

Thanet enhance waste services with Collective Portal

Residents will have instant online access to their waste services as the council implement Collective Portal

Bartec Webmaster

Aug 22, 2021 • 43 sec read

LSSL to Modernise Clinical Waste System

Collective will allow clinical waste service users to request collections electronically


Aug 10, 2021 • 51 sec read

Fareham Borough Council adopt Collective Portal

Collective Portal will give residents self-serve access to the new garden waste collection service

Bartec Webmaster

Mar 30, 2021 • 46 sec read

Powys County Council choose FleetRoute

The council will design and continuously optimise new routes by adding FleetRoute to their Collective waste management system


Mar 21, 2021 • 39 sec read

Amber Valley roll out Collective

Weekend installation team add 20 new Dennis Eagle and DAF vehicles


Feb 21, 2021 • 11 sec read

Cheshire West and Chester to use Collective and FleetRoute

Cheshire West and Chester Council choose Collective and FleetRoute


Feb 2, 2021 • 26 sec read

Canenco start new in-house service

Canenco are soon to start their new in-house service with Collective


Jan 31, 2021 • 31 sec read

Merry Christmas

from everyone at Bartec Municipal Technologies


Dec 18, 2020 • 24 sec read

Canterbury starts new in-house service

Collective and SafeActive are driving safety and efficiency for Canenco


Dec 17, 2020 • 26 sec read

Route optimisation at Oxford Direct Services

Oxford Direct Services is using Collective and FleetRoute to continuously optimise collections


Nov 19, 2020 • 42 sec read

Cardiff Council get smart with Bartec

Cardiff Council will integrate their smart bin sensors with Collective


Nov 6, 2020 • 37 sec read

South Lanarkshire choose Bartec

South Lanarkshire will use Collective and FleetRoute to improve waste collection services


Oct 9, 2020 • 23 sec read

Uttlesford add route optimisation

Uttlesford District Council choose FleetRoute to improve waste collection efficiency


Sep 12, 2020 • 17 sec read

HWRC Online Bookings

Household waste site 'click and collect' booking system now available for Collective


May 11, 2020 • 18 sec read

Collective X Phone Edition available

Collective is now available on your smartphone and tablet


May 5, 2020 • 21 sec read

Running extra waste vehicles during the pandemic?

We have a rapid-fit solution with free software and data!


Apr 17, 2020 • 27 sec read

CollectiveX Phone Edition

Collective is coming to your Android and Apple phone!


Apr 14, 2020 • 14 sec read

Bartec's helpdesk team are here to help

Your Helpdesk team are working across the Easter holidays to support our customers


Apr 10, 2020 • 21 sec read

Thurrock Council beat their KPIs

Thurrock Council have improved missed bin performance with Collective


Feb 1, 2020 • 9 sec read

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