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LSSL to Modernise Clinical Waste System

Collective will allow clinical waste service users to request collections electronically

Bartec are working with Liverpool StreetScene Services to offer an innovative ‘on demand’ service to users of the clinical waste collection service. The system will improve the service to residents whilst increasing the efficiency of collection operations.

Clinical waste sharps bin

Users with low volumes of waste often have infrequent collections, which are easy to forget and may be either too frequent or not frequent enough, especially if needs change unexpectedly. Collective will allow LSSL to provide an ‘on-demand’ service, so residents can request a collection when they need it.

The city’s clinical collection crews can expect to see a significant reduction in wasted visits as each collection will have been specifically requested by the resident. Collective will remind residents of their collection close to the time and allow them to easily cancel collections if they will not be at home or no longer need the collection.

Collective will automatically assign collections to the most appropriate day to balance workloads between crews. Routes will be dynamically sequenced to minimise travel time, fuel usage and carbon emissions.

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