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Resident Portal

Put your waste and recycling service online to increase resident satisfaction and reduce system costs

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Collective Portal is an extension of your core Collective system and requires no middleware or coding. The service is hosted securely on our servers, is styled just like your corporate website and uses your existing web domain.

Online payments are provided securely, using your existing credit card and direct debit payments systems.

Collective Portal is supported on all major browsers and is designed for computers, phones and tablets.

Online Collections

Residents can instantly see all their waste and recycling services on the service calendar, with real-time updates on completion or service issues.

Collective Portal also shows if a collection problem has been reported by the crew. If bins were contaminated or inaccessible, for example, it will may not be possible to report the bin as missed. Where collection is delayed due to breakdown, weather or staffing the rescheduled collection is immediately shown on the calendar.

Missed Bins

Reporting missed bins is easier than ever. Your missed bin policies are user-configured in Collective and immediately implemented in the Resident’s Portal and in any other reporting channels you have.

Missed bin reports take one click – there is no form to fill in! Each report is pre-validated so only genuine missed bins can be reported to the waste team for resolution.

Damaged or missing container and other collection problems can also be reported and rectified automatically.

Garden Waste subscriptions

Simplify your subscription garden waste system with Collective Portal! Residents can sign-up, choose their containers and pay for services in just a few easy steps.

Your garden waste service is designed and configured on-screen in Collective, without any need for programming or IT consultancy. Choose what containers to offer, set the price of services and define time windows for renewals.  Pricing can be set and adjusted months in advance, with ‘early-bird’ discounts and automatic renewal reminders just a few clicks away.

Our solutions for Domestic Waste and Recycling

We have decades of experience helping councils to improve all aspects of their waste and recycling services. Read more about specific services below.

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