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Safety Management

Risk Assessment

Collective is the single software solution and repository for all your waste collection risk assessments. Assess the risk of each waste collection site and street, online or mobile, with immediate updates available to offer safety advice and guidance to crews on the ground.

You have a complete history of risk assessment activity on each collection street, ensuring that you can keep up to date and make consistent improvements to safety and performance across your entire refuse collection operation.

Collection route information is updated immediately, giving rapid feedback and guidance that can enhance performance and deliver risk mitigation in real time. Your crews always have clear safety information on-screen for every street and collection point on their route.

Single and Double-Sided Collection Styles

Our software will allow you give your crews clear and tailored instructions for their entire route; every street-level risk assessment includes a decision on how the crew should collect on that street.

With Collective’s Collection Style feature, you can select the refuse collection style that operators will work to according to safe practise. The default option is single-sided collections, where the crew pass the street once in each direction and collect without crossing the road. The software also allows for double-sided collections, or to designate a street for ‘reverse in, drive out loading’ (RIDOL). You can also highlight specific streets as ‘do not enter’ where it is unsafe or impractical for the vehicle to drive in.

Each street along your refuse collection route will display within the software, giving the driver clear instructions before they enter a street that may pose a risk or challenge. Collective is the waste collection risk assessment and guidance software that enables truly safe working practises.

Safe by Design

Your collection risk assessments should lead to safer route design, with continuous improvements to collection logistics driven by real-world data from daily operations.

Collective continually updates your service models to ensure that routes are designed to minimise and mitigate risks.

For example, if you determine that a street requires single-sided collections then this will automatically drive new optimisation models so that routes remain balanced, safe and productive.

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