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Litter and Dog Bins

Collective has everything you need to radically improve services for bins in public spaces. Locate your bins, understand how they are used and make collections more efficient, all with simple, easy-to-use technology that your crews will love.

Easy Asset Register

Knowing exactly what bins you have, where they are and their current condition is essential. CollectiveX ensures that every bin is GPS located and uniquely referenced with a clear schedule of collections.

Each bin is shown on crystal-clear maps for both office-based and mobile users and can be linked to other business systems using our secure APIs.

Your asset list remains accurate at all times, without any paperwork or complicated software to install.

A Community Asset

Turn your public bins into a real community asset with live data immediately accessible to your residents.

A simple scan of the QR code shows recent and future collections and lets residents quickly report problems without filling in any forms.

Refresh your branding whenever you like with our managed design and print service. Whenever you need new signage it’s only a click away, you don’t even need to raise an order.

Increase Productivity and Quality of Service

Routes are generated and optimised continuously so you deliver the most efficient and low-carbon service possible. Reactive work is automatically absorbed into daily schedules so you meet your SLAs without increasing your costs.

Monitor progress of work as it happens to unlock hidden capacity in your services. You’ll increase productivity with better customer satisfaction.

Smart Bins and Sensors

Councils across the country are discovering the benefits of smart technology in litter bins. Sensors automatically request collection as the bin approaches, so bins don’t overflow and your resources are deployed exactly where they are needed.

As technologies emerge, Collective is the single platform that brings together all your smart sensor solutions with traditional collection activities, so your crews can forget about the technology and get on with the job, regardless of what smart city technologies you deploy.

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