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Specialist route planning for municipal services

Municipal Routing

FleetRoute solves municipal routing challenges, finding the best way to deliver safe and efficient services to thousands of residents.

FleetRoute does more than just find the shortest or quickest route between points. It designs routes which minimise risky manoeuvres such as reverses and u-turns. It estimates the service time for each bin, accounting for assisted collections and density of housing. It optimises weights and tipping so your vehicles are fully utilised, and it balances routes so work is split fairly.

Continuous Improvement

Your routes will keep on improving with FleetRoute.

Data from Collective updates FleetRoute daily with actual tonnages, pick rates, service times, housing developments, changes to risk assessments and new subscriptions for opt-in services such as garden waste.

FleetRoute constantly recalculates routes, suggesting incremental changes to keep your service in peak condition.

No more daunting, one-off re-routing exercises – you have continuously improving routes your crews trust and your residents can depend on.

Ancillary Services

Your bin delivery, bulky waste and street scene teams work more efficiently with FleetRoute.

Their daily work is prioritised, allocated and sequenced for maximum productivity.

Drive out with a vehicle full of bins and come back with full of bulky waste for maximum efficiency. Balance zones dynamically so resident wait times are minimised. Flex capacity to meet peaks and troughs of demand.

Strategic Options

When it’s time to fundamentally change your services you need to think strategically and consider all the options.

FleetRoute answers the really big questions. How many depots do I need? What size vehicles should I have? Can I run electric trucks? Should we work 4, 5 or 6 days? Wheeled bins or boxes?

The permutations are endless, but FleetRoute shows you the best path to success.

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