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Collective Communities

Connecting communities directly to their waste and cleansing services

Resident's Portal

Collective Portal gives your residents an instant view of all their waste and recycling services. The live, on-screen service calendar has real-time updates showing as soon as collections are completed.

You don’t need any CRM system or online forms to use Collective Portal but it can be integrated with existing forms or ticket-based systems from Jadu, Goss and other leading vendors.

Subscription Services

Subscription-based services, whether free or paid, are available directly through Collective Portal. You can offer your residents completely electronic garden waste subscriptions, including online recurring payments, automated bin delivery and integrated fulfilment of bin tags / labels.

Integration with leading payment services and compatibility with multiple single-sign-on providers makes Collective Portal the fastest, most modern solution for local authority subscription services.

Litter and Dog Bins

Collective manages your full estate of litter and dog bins, with either smart labels or live sensors to ensure you know exactly what you have and where it is.

Your residents can see the current status and planned works for the bins they care about, simply scanning the QR code to see recent and future collections and quickly report problems with any bin.

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