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Collective Safety

unique systems to monitor and improve fleet and worker safety

Risk Management

Safe working starts with good route design, making sure your crews know where they are going, what risks they will encounter and how best to approach each street and premises.

Collective Safety ensures that your collections routes have up-to-date risk assessments for each street.  It highlights all single-sided, reverse-in and drive out loading streets, and any which must not be traversed by the vehicle. The information is shown in-cab as the driver approaches.

Time constraints for schools, places of worship and route features are embedded so you can be sure crews respect exclusion arrangements, whilst our continuous route optimisation system will always design routes to comply with the latest risk assessment.

Remote Auditing

With Collective you can be sure that crews are working safely and following best practice.

Collective Safety uses vehicle telematics, onboard video systems and information from the crews themselves to regularly audit work and highlight areas for improvement.

Now you can measure safety instead of counting accidents, for continuous improvement and constant compliance.

Active Monitoring

Modern commercial vehicles bristle with safety systems, but do you know if they are being used effectively?

SafeActive monitors your keys systems so you know when the emergency stop is pressed, if auto-brake engages or doors open on a moving vehicle.

Accidents often follow a pattern of dangerous behaviour and close-calls. SafeActive helps you learn from near misses so they don’t turn into accidents or injuries.

Integrated Onboard Video

Remotely monitoring your vehicles with onboard cameras, 360 degree CCTV and dashcams is well established.  With operators often having a mixture of systems across their fleet it can be time-consuming and confusing running multiple software applications to access video.

SafeActive is designed to bring multiple camera feeds into a single, easy-to-use tracking and viewing platform.simplifying operations with the camera equipment you already have.

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