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Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chains

Our commitment to human rights, equality and sustainability

We aim to promote human rights and equality, and we therefore seek to source products and services in a way that promotes social justice and human rights.  This policy provides a framework for us to work with brands/suppliers who are making progress on workers’ rights in their supply chains. 

Human Rights in Supply Chains 

At a minimum, we require our suppliers to ensure the following standards for workers’ rights along the supply chain of the products they sell: 

We encourage all suppliers to implement LGBT+ inclusion policies to protect workers by implementing policies to protect staff from discrimination in line with the Equality Act 2010 and Gender Recognition Act 2004. 

We expect our suppliers to be working towards paying all workers in their supply chain a living wage and for UK suppliers to be working towards Real Living Wage accreditation.

We will write to all suppliers/prospective suppliers outlining the expectations stated in this policy and requesting information about what action they take to ensure that workers’ rights are respected along their supply chains. 

Where suppliers do not meet these standards, we will work with them to improve the situation, rather than terminating contracts

Where suppliers fail to develop an action plan towards compliance, we will take steps to implement a responsible exit strategy, and instead source from suppliers/brands who are taking steps towards ethical sourcing. 

If prospective suppliers do not meet the above expectations, or have a commitment to work towards them, then we will not source from them.

Revised March 2022

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