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Website planned, designed, developed and maintained by Genius Division a branding & digital agency based in Yorkshire, UK

A branding agency

We help organisations present their values, morals and ethics in a visual format, through logo design, creating branding guidelines, consultation, and providing graphic design.

In other words, we match up what you think your organisation should look like with what your target market expects you to look like. And then we make you look good.

A digital agency

We help you understand the digital world (things like websites, the Internet, social media and digital marketing), and turning it to your advantage.

We help organisations make informed decisions on what kind of presence they need on the internet, and how best to achieve that.

We specialise in WordPress websites, and making e-commerce websites with WordPress and WooCommerce, a combination our clients find very powerful.

Genius Division

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We’re here to help you towards a better future with a happier public.

Here to help you serve the public better

Here to help you provide better public services

Here to help you provide better joined-up systems