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Food Waste Collections

We can help you design, implement and continuously improve your food waste collection service.

Better Service Design

An effective food waste service has to be easy for residents to use with reliable and frequent collections. Kitchen receptacles and smaller collection vehicles are common solutions and may not work as a simple extension of an existing alternate-weekly collection scheme with 26 tonne RCVs.

Our technology and expertise can help you determine the optimum mix of vehicles, collection routes and working practices to create a reliable and productive food waste collection service.

Strategic planning tools quickly analyse different working patterns, vehicle mixes and collection frequencies to determine the most cost-effective service strategy, taking account of depot locations, disposal facilities, vehicle payloads and likely participation rates.

Route design and optimisation tools work in tandem with our in-cab data systems to continuously optimise your service as participation builds, new housing is built and the service matures.

Easy for Residents to Use

A successful food waste service has to be easy for residents to get involved in.  Make the process painless with an easy to use website that lets your residents opt-in to the service, check their collection day and order replacement containers and caddies when they need them.  You’ll benefit from higher participation and lower operating costs.

We integrate with all the major local authority webforms and customer service systems, including Jadu, Goss and FirmStep.  Alternatively, publish our built-in forms directly to your website and control the entire service from Collective.

Efficient Delivery of Services

A weekly service for decomposable materials must be reliable and delivered efficiently every time.  Collective was the first in-cab data system for local authority bin trucks and today is used by almost 100 UK councils.

Your crews have accurate and up-to-date round and route information with two-way information sharing. Now your customers get answers to their queries quickly from your website or call-centre, even while the crew are still out working.

Our systems work continually to collect real-time management information such as actual presentation rates, weights collected and service times.  This data drives continual and simple route optimisation so you can keep crews working at maximum efficiency and safety.

Our solutions for Domestic Waste and Recycling

We have decades of experience helping councils to improve all aspects of their waste and recycling services. Read more about specific services below.

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