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Garden Waste Collections

Comprehensive management of free and subscription garden waste services

Get more garden subscriptions

Do you want to get more revenue from garden waste?

Garden waste collections are a popular way to generate revenue and ensure that only those who use the service pay for it. Our garden waste collection software has helped dozens of councils to implement successful garden bin collections with simple and flexible schemes often exceeding expectations in sign-up rates and service costs.

Our web-based, accessible customer pages make sign-up and renewal fast and friction-free with integrated payments and communications. You can operate fixed-year or rolling-year schemes with full control of pricing.  Above all, we make it easy for residents to understand the service and sign-up easily online.

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Service Planning and Design

Are your garden routes designed for peak safety and efficiency?

A profitable and effective garden waste collection system needs efficient and flexible routes to ensure reliable, low-cost collections.  Live dashboards show you exactly how many subscriptions you have, with collections instantly allocated to the most appropriate route.

With continuous optimisation, your garden routes remain balanced and efficient, responding instantly to new subscriptions, changes in weights and seasonal changes to presentation rates.







Efficient Service Delivery

Does your garden waste service rely on manual systems and paper-driven workflows?

Collective is the garden waste management software that automates your service from start to finish, minimising administration and simplifying workflows ensures residents receive a first-class service that they are happy to pay for.

When residents subscribe to the service their collection day is immediately assigned and their first collection scheduled.  If new or additional bins are required they are automatically ordered and scheduled for delivery.

Crews see all garden waste collections on their in-cab system, without any need for paper route sheets. Special arrangements such as assisted collections are key-codes are automatically applied so crews can get the job done first time, every time.

The in-cab system will display which premises have a valid subscription, but if you want to label or tag the bins then we have ready-to-run integrations with leading suppliers such as Permiserv to automate that process too.




Customer Retention

Are you doing everything you could to retain garden waste subscribers?

The best services are the ones that you barely notice, where the waste and recycling is regularly and consistently collected without the householder noticing the sophisticated operation that makes it happen. A friction-free service will generate strong customer retention, minimising ‘churn’ and delivering increasing annual recurring revenue.

We support multiple revenue models, including fixed ‘April to April’ years and rolling 12 month subscriptions, with flexible pricing options and integrations into common payment systems such as Capita Pay360. Residents can subscribe once with automatic renewal and payments so they don’t have to do anything further.

You can also provide flexible services, allowing residents to choose their container type and number of bins.  People with larger gardens may wish to have multiple large bins, with smaller properties preferring 140L bins or even sacks.  The choice is yours and you can change options and prices throughout the year.


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