Bartec Municipal Technologies

About Us

We provide service management systems to organisations who share our passion for improving public services.

Our Vision

Our public services shape the world we live in and are fundamental to our quality of life. We connect citizens to the services they use via the internet, mobile apps, voice assistants and social media.

We have decades of experience in service design, system integration and process improvement. Our products and expertise can help you deliver better services at lower cost.

Innovation and continuous development underpins our business, so your services are not only better today but ready to embrace tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

Our People

Our people are the reason our customers work with us, and stay with us.We are a team of experts, innovators and service specialists who work together to deliver extraordinary systems. We are united by a common purpose – to be the most trusted and successful provider of systems to municipal services.

Our Customers

We have supplied mobile, in-cab and backoffice systems for UK municipalities since 2005. 3,500 frontline municipal crews in almost 100 councils use our systems every day.

Our systems and technologies are used in large cities, small boroughs and large unitary authorities in England, Scotland and Wales. Millions of households have their waste collected every week by crews using Collective.

Our History

Bartec was established in 1992 and is now a multi-national company with operations around the world.

We are known as worldwide technology leaders in tyre-pressure monitoring systems and in the UK for innovative software for front-line municipal services such as waste and recycling, environment, streetscene and highways.

Our business is family-owned and has a deeply embedded culture of customer service.

We’re passionate about improving public services

Bartec Municipal Technologies provides service management systems to organisations who share our passion for improving public services.

We work with domestic and commercial waste

We provide computer systems and technologies for domestic and commercial waste collection, street cleansing, grounds maintenance and other front-line public services.

We work with a quarter of all UK councils

Our products are designed, built and supported in the UK and used every day by 1 in 4 UK councils to deliver better, safer and more cost-effective services to the public.

Working to improve waste management

Here to help you build better public services

We’re the leading supplier of smart city solutions for safe and efficient waste collection, environmental services and winter maintenance.

We want to help you do better

Our better promise

We’re here to help you towards a better future with a happier public.

Here to help you serve the public better

Here to help you provide better public services

Here to help you provide better joined-up systems

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Our thinking

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