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Collective™ plans, manages and analyses from a single system. From street sweeping to pest control, you can improve services, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

Modern, efficient services

Collective helps your streets teams work together better, delivering key services more quickly and efficiently without paper or complex processes.

Mobile working on tablets or smartphones collects the data you need to optimise services and keeps everyone on the same page. You can focus your resources on the streets that need sweeping, the bins that need emptying to deliver the results your residents want.

Enhanced productivity

Your teams will communicate like never before with Collective, without even knowing they are doing it. Every time a job is updated, a new request received or a smart bin raises its hand for emptying – the right team will know about it and can get to work.

Collective works with you to keep your crews safe, so you always know where they are, who they are with and have the right equipment and PPE to do the job.

Cost Effective Management

Collective is open and ready for the new wave of innovation in ‘internet of things’, sensors and smart technology. It’s the core system to bring multiple technologies and vendors together so everything works together.

Residents can see the results on their streets and also on their web browsers! They can report their issues online or via resident apps and see the cleansing schedules for their street or any asset.

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We’re the leading supplier of smart city solutions for safe and efficient waste collection, environmental services and winter maintenance.

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