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Collective Performance

Your single platform to optimise waste collection and cleansing operations

Service Management

Collective Performance is a comprehensive platform for management of front-line services. Your places, people, assets, schedules and reactive work are at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Yesterday’s performance, today’s progress and tomorrow’s plan all come together to continuously improve your operation.

Manually keying data is a thing of the past. Your system is always up to date with the latest performance data, mapping and gazetteer. Stop processing waste data and start making decisions to optimise routes and provide the services your residents need.

In-cab and Telematics

Collective is the UK’s most popular RCV, sweeper and municipal vehicle in-cab system, proven in over 3000 installations. Millions of households have their waste collected every week by crews using Collective.

Crews have live work and safety information with real-time routing and data collection.

Collective is available on a range of Android and Windows devices with options for telematics, bin weighing, lift counting and onboard CCTV.

Mobile Working

CollectiveX mobile working applications are integral to the platform and ensure your entire team are productive and safe.

Mobile teams using Collective deliver better services at lower cost, responding quickly to changing workloads and customer demands.

CollectiveX frees your management team to work anywhere with real-time information. Free to monitor performance, make better decisions and action them in an instant.

Route Optimisation

Collective solves municipal routing challenges, finding the best way to deliver safe and efficient services to thousands of residents.

Dynamic routes like bulky collections, bin deliveries and clinical waste services are automatically optimised every day and in real-time as the routes progress.

High density routes such as domestic waste and mechanical sweeping are modelled by powerful algorithms to find the safest, most efficient routes. Actual route data is continually compared to the models to make sure you achieve the results you expect.

Collective does more than just find the shortest or quickest route between points. It designs routes which minimise risky manoeuvres such as reverses and u-turns. It estimates the service time for each bin, accounting for assisted collections and density of housing. It optimises weights and tipping so your vehicles are fully utilised, and it balances routes so work is split fairly.

Systems Integration

Collective connects and strengthens your organisation, breaking down the walls between systems.

Powerful APIs and workflows empower your website, customer care systems, finance applications and spatial databases to connect you to your customers.

We have transformed thousands of processes and transactions to improve services and reduce transaction costs.

Smart Cities

Collective connects your smart assets on a single, vendor-independent platform so you are set for the future, whatever it may bring.

Secure integrations with leading vendors allow you to combine the best IoT and smart city technology into your existing operations.

Collective monitors your city 24/7 to deliver the smart services your residents need.

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