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Commercial Waste

Collective™ manages your full commercial waste operation so you can increase revenues and maximise profits with an efficient and modern service.

Everything in one place

Collective has everything you need to sell, plan and manage commercial waste services. Step away from spreadsheets and put away the paperwork with a single operating system for your business.

Collection crews work online in their cabs with proven mobile software, continuously updating routes with progress, bin weights and live video. Your support team, sales staff and customers are always on the same paper-free page.

Increase everyone’s productivity

Work in real-time, all the time without paperwork or guesswork. Online enquiries turn into new customers and optimised routes in the blink of an eye so you can make the most of every opportunity. Our APIs and reporting tools let you integrate all your key business reporting, invoicing and fleet management processes in real time.

Mind-blowing 3-dimensional maps get your crews safely to the right place every time, no matter how complex the site. Collective’s continuous optimisation platform learns from every bin lift and every vehicle turn to keep your routes as safe and productive as possible.

More customers, higher margins

Collective helps you to focus your sales efforts on using your existing capacity on your trucks whilst monitoring the revenue and operating cost of each route whilst it is running. Online, automated sales processes keep your sales team selling, not form-filling.

Bin weights, disposal costs, staff wages and fuel consumption are all centrally held and compared against revenue for each vehicle on a daily basis. Turn heavy customers into profitable ones with flexible, weight-driven pricing options.

Collective enables tangible improvements in your commercial waste collection operations.

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