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Do you need garden waste permits?

Are garden waste stickers necessary if you have in-cab waste technology?

With in-cab system, waste crews can see which premises are subscribed to the service, and how many bins they have paid for. The device can automatically alert crews to newly-subscribed bins they may not be used to collecting, especially those which have assisted collections, and those which may be presented in less-than-obvious places.

In-cab system showing garden collections

An in-cab system can also tell crews where residents have previously contaminated (so they can check carefully). Perhaps most importantly, the crew can report non-presentation or issues with contamination or bin damage. When a service becomes opt-in and chargeable, residents quite reasonably have heightened expectations of service and are more likely to contact you if they aren’t happy.  Data from the in-cab system is a very important tool in managing customer satisfaction.

So Why Might I Need to Use Permits?

It may sound obvious, but a house is not a bin. It’s easy to tell the crew that “Number 11 has a subscription”, but which bin belongs to Number 11? On a suburban street it may be very easy to tell, as each house has a driveway and the bin at the end of the driveway belongs to the house. In higher-density urban settings or new build developments it can be more difficult.

Alleyway with many overflowing bins

It’s also important to remember that the in-cab terminal is usually “in the cab”. Again, on a suburban street this is fine as the truck will likely stop at each bin, but in some settings the crew will be bringing bins out from side-streets or from communal bin stores and may not be close to the truck when they first encounter each bin.

In these circumstances, a bright permit stuck onto the bin makes it really easy for loaders instantly see if a bin should be collected or not.  Loaders are putting over 1,000 bins onto that truck in each shift, so they don’t have time to investigate.

Sample garden waste permit

The permit is also a really good and easy means of communication. We want residents to see value in their subscription, so a clear permit that ensures they can identify which bin is theirs, get clear advice on what to put in it and a rapid link to an online collection calendar is a great way to increase buy in, and also to advertise the service to neighbours.

A physical label may seem like ‘old technology’ compared to modern in-cab and mobile systems. It’s certainly reliable and easy to use, but it also has one last trick up its sleeve.  The inclusion of a unique QR code opens up some interesting possibilities; for example giving residents instant access to their collection calendar and information on how to use the bin. By helping customers to access their services online, the humble sticker becomes an agent for a much more modern approach to waste and recycling.

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