Bartec Municipal Technologies

Exeter City Council

Exeter City Council have been a customer since 2011 and use Collective for domestic and commercial waste, including integrated bin weighing and weighbridge functions

For Exeter City Council

In January 2011, Exeter City Council implemented Waste Collector from Bartec Municipal Technologies. The system was implemented to control all service management information, including work schedules, job updates and full customer contact histories. In-cab terminals were installed to 21 Refuse Collection Vehicles.

The Solution

The original Waste Collector system has since been upgraded to ‘Collective’ to incorporate a broader range of front-line services, including street cleaning, graffiti removal and fly-tipping.

The system has also been extended to manage commercial operations, via the Collective Trade module with EDOC (electronic duty of care ) integration supported.

Collective is also integrated to Exeter’s weighbridge system. This facilitates an automatic import of weight data to Collective from the weighbridge software. Collective validates this data and produces detailed management reports of weights by waste stream, by workpack and as average weights per household.

Exeter have recently implemented bin weighing from Terberg on their commercial refuse fleet, fully integrated with the Collective in-cab system.

The Results

Since it’s introduction, the Collective system has delivered many benefits to Exeter’s waste and recycling service, including:

£350k 3-year revenue saving
73% reduction in missed-bin returns
33% missed bins moved online

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